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Peace Returns To Bangkok



Bangkok, Dec 4 – Peace has returned to Bangkok again.

Suddenly, everyone is smiling and crying in happiness, barriers around the Government House were cleared, while anti-government supporters and the police were like old friends.


No tear-gas canisters were fired at anti-government supporters who entered the compound of the Government House, but not the building.

Thousands of anti-government supporters had gathered and were ready for another round of clashes around the Government House this morning, but suddenly took on the role of tourists, taking pictures and having lunches.

The anti-government leaders declared victory after protesters were allowed into the Metropolitan Police Bureau headquarter and also the compound of the Government House.

Earlier, The Nation, an English daily newspaper reported that Metropolitan Police Bureau Commissioner Pol Lt Gen Khamronvit Thupkrajang promised that police guarding his bureau would no longer fire tear-gas cannisters to fend off protesters.

Khamronvit said he would allow the protesters to reach and seize the bureau.

The peace came after recent talks by the relevant parties. But the peace came at a cost as official figures from the Erawan Centre indicated four deaths and 134 injured.

The deaths resulted from clashes between anti-government and pro-government supporters at the Ramkamhaeng University last Saturday night and into early Sunday morning.

“I feel very delighted because we fought till we won today,” said a 30-year-old businessman from Bangkok.

He was unsure whether Suthep Thuegsuban, the anti-government protest leader would give up on politics as what he had announced last night, but at least, had led the people to protest against the government until the people got their victory today.

He emphasised he was neither a Democrat Party supporter nor supporter of the current government.