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Long-term truce with Hamas impossible: Israel


hamasJerusalem, September 8 – The Israeli government on Sunday said it was impossible to have a long-term solution with Hamas. Speaking at a press conference, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said he does not believe it is possible to reach a long-standing, permanent truce with the militant Palestinian organisation.

“I don’t think we can reach an agreed mechanism with regard to the payment of salaries in Gaza and with anything to do with the strengthening of Hamas,” Xinhua quoted the minister as saying during the press meet.

“They will continue to produce and smuggle weapons, and then how can we stop their strengthening?” Lieberman said, adding that it is not real to expect that the Gaza Strip will be demilitarised, even though it is a substantial issue for Israel. “In my opinion, any ceasefire will be limited,” he said.

The minister also said that Israel could not accept a state in which Hamas reigns the Strip, because of that the organisation is ” just as dangerous” as the Islamic State.

After Operation Protective Edge took place between July 8 and August 26 for seven weeks, Israel and Hamas agreed on an unlimited truce and both sides are expected to carry on negotiating a permanent truce in Cairo later this month.