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5 tips to increase the life of your leather goods!


leatherstory-650_041415044740NewDelhi, April 15 – Leather makes a regular outfit go from drab to fab. A good leather jacket is your best friend in winters while a leather skirt can always rescue you from a style rut. When it comes to a classic bag, you wouldn’t settle for anything less than leather, so when it is the time to take care of your style staples, here are some things you need to keep in mind to increase the life of your leather goods.

Cleaning stains: Generally, a paste of one part tartar and one part lemon juice works well to wipe dark stains off your prized leather possessions. Rub the paste on the problem area and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove it with a damp cloth dipped in soapy water. After the removal, dry the leather with a towel. To remove stains instantly, use chalk powder to absorb the moisture and clean the stain.

Avoid harsh cleansers: Your leathers are high-maintenance and just like everything else that falls into that category, they are also extremely delicate. So keep those alkalis and alcohol-based cleansers at bay. Bleach, ammonia-based cleaners and varnish are other items that you must never use unless you want to see serious damage or discoloration on your beloved bags, jackets or boots.


leathermos-650_041415044740Removing mould or mildew: First let the leather product dry out completely in a warm room. Get rid of the surface mould with a damp cloth. Then allow the leather to dry again. After this, use a mild cleaner like baby shampoo and remove the mildew completely. To keep mould growth away, air your handbag once every two weeks.

Use vinegar: One of the most effective home remedies for leather is white vinegar. Mix this in equal proportions with water and dip a towel into the mixture. Wipe the towel gently over the affected surface till the stains/mould wipes out completely. Allow the leather accessory to dry out on its own. Using artificial heat is never a good idea with leather.

Olive oil: This wonder oil is good for your metabolism, skin, hair and even for your treasured leather jacket or bag. Dip a soft cleaning cloth in a bowl of olive oil and wipe away that unwanted grime dulling the beauty of your luscious leather!