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I’m still MIC president, says Palanivel


palanivel_787566198Kuala lumpur, June 18 – “I read with great amusement the statement of the Deputy President of MIC, Datuk Seri Dr S Subramaniam where he claimed that he is now the Acting President of MIC allegedly on the basis that I have lost my membership in MIC in bringing the Judicial Review application against the directives of the Registrar of Societies (RoS). Let me make it absolutely clear that I am the President of MIC and there shall be no doubt whatsoever on this.”

“The High Court had decided not to allow the Judicial Review Applications and thereby the directives of the RoS were not quashed. MIC had exercised its right of appeal in law and has appealed against that decision. We will be filing for stay of the RoS’s directives pending the appeal. All parties ought to wait for the disposal of the appeal by the Court of Appeal.”

“Instead, Subra and the others have manipulated the directives of the RoS for their self serving ulterior motives. I am the President of MIC duly elected unopposed. Even if the 2009 Central Working Committee (CWC) were to conduct the re-elections as directed by the RoS (which is opposed and the subject matter of the appeal to the Court of Appeal), I am still the President of MIC.”

“The proper conduct of any CWC meeting must be done in accordance to the clear provisions of the MIC Constitution. However, Subra, for the purpose of illegally gaining power and control in MIC called for so-called “Emergency” CWC meetings. The notice for the said illegal meetings were issued by members of the so-called Interim CWC of 2009 and not by the Secretary General of MIC.”

“MIC Constitution clearly provides that any CWC meeting must be called by the Secretary General of MIC and none other. Therefore, all meetings called by Subra and others are illegal, null and void as being in direct contravention of the MIC Constitution.”

“Immediately after the decision delivered by the High Court on 15 June 2015, Subra and others issued another purported Notice of Emergency Meeting of the Interim CWC and the meeting was fixed on 16 June 2015. Again, the purported Notice of the Emergency Interim CWC meeting was issued by the so-called members of the 2009 Interim CWC. Even the constitution of the interim CWC of MIC as led by Subra is not in accordance to the provisions of the MIC Constitution.”

“As the said Notice is in contravention of the MIC Constitution, I had immediately issued a Memo dated 15 June 2015 to all members of the CWC of MIC, State, Division and Branch leaders of MIC that the said Notice being illegal and the scheduled meeting to be cancelled. Despite my said Memo, Subra and the others did not cancel the meeting. I was left with no choice but to exercise my powers under the MIC Constitution to suspend all those responsible for the calling of the illegal meeting. I had also issued a press statement immediately on the suspensions.”

“Subra and the others then proceeded to hold the said illegal CWC meeting and thereafter claimed that I and the 4 others who filed the Judicial Review Applications are no longer MIC members and he unilaterally assumed the position of Acting President of MIC. This is clearly an afterthought action by Subra and others after I had suspended all of them.”

“The provisions of the MIC Constitution does not in any way affect the membership of members who commence legal proceedings against 3rd parties. Members are only precluded from commencing legal proceedings against the CWC or the Party and not otherwise. However, Subra and others have surreptitiously manipulated the provisions of the MIC Constitution to claim that I and the 4 others have lost our memberships in MIC.”

“I again wish to reiterate that there is no doubt I am still the duly elected President of MIC and any claims to the contrary by Subra or any other party are misconceived and clearly untenable. I hope the Party members are not hoodwinked by Subra and other suspended members into believing their story.”