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“Will Pakatan Harapan accept you?” Mohana asks Hindraf!


mohana muniandy

Kuala Lumpur – In a press statement released on Thursday (11 May 2017) MIC National Women leader Datuk Mohana Muniandy said Hindraf has lost its support and popularity and raised a question whether the opposition bloc Pakatan Rakyat will accept them as one of their allies.

The following is the full text of the statement released by Mohana Muniandy:-

“The once-banned Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) finally picked Pakatan Harapan as its ally to stand in election. Why? Because, there is no way for BN to entertain their ridiculous alliance therefore they have choose Pakatan Harapan as scapegoat. Would Pakatan Harapan even want to accept this over zealous and greedy NGO/party?

hindraf-logo-The self proclaimed NGO now wants to stand in election which defies their initial cause. Hindraf comprises only one ethnic group thus they knew they won’t have the strength to win any seats as without being an ally to any major political party. The earlier support for Hindraf was due to the spirit and wave created at that time in 2008. But now the spirit has died due to allegations of mismanagement of money and lots of flip-flops of opinions among the leaders. Hindraf split the Indian community and now wants political survival by seeking alliance with the opposition.

Anyway, would Pakatan Harapan agree to this alliance as clearly Hindraf  is not wanting this alliance out of love for Pakatan Harapan or betterment of Indians  but out of love for their own interests.The Indian community knows what Hindraf has “done” to them and what has not. Fact, Hindraf can NEVER mobilise the “thousands” it did on Nov 25th 2007. Malaysian Indians have learnt their lesson and knows only MIC with its current caliber leader Datuk Seri Dr. S. Subramaniam could help them.

The current state of social standard of majority of Indians in Malaysia will only improve if vote for MIC to represent them and not a double headed snake party like HINDRAF”