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MIC : Sunther Subramaniam may join the Vice-Presidential race!


SUNTHERKuala Lumpur – Sunther Subramaniam (pic), son of former MIC Deputy President Tan Sri S.Subramaniam and currently chairman of MIC Old Klang Road Branch, is said to be seriously contemplating of jumping into the race for one of the three Vice-Presidential positions up for grabs.

Sunther is also a delegate from the MIC Seputeh division in Wilayah Persekutuan.

Sunther was appointed to the Central Working Committee (CWC) in 2013 by then MIC President Dato Seri G.Palanivel, and subsequently he contested and won as one of the 23 CWC members in the ill-fated 2013 party elections which was subsequently declared null and void by the RoS.

MIC sources closed to Sunther said he is seriously considering entering the race due to pressure from his father’s supporters to continue his father’s legacy. His close friends and supporters are said to be convincing him that he may have a fair chance since there are no incumbent Vice-Presidents this time.

Current Vice Presidents Saravanan and Devamany are expected to log-horns for the coveted Deputy President’s post.

With their decision, the Vice-Presidential race becomes an open contest for anyone to try and this has prompted Sunther to consider entering the race. Winning the CWC position in 2013 with a comfortable margin has given Sunther, the confidence and exposure to try out for the Vice Presidency this time around, said one of his supporters.

Continued assurances from the MIC President Dato Ser Dr.S.Subramaniam, that he is not endorsing any candidates for any positions in the forthcoming party elections, is said to be another reason for Sunther’s decision to contest for the Vice-Presidency