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“I respect you! but answer criticisms and don’t divert by condemning Makkal Osai and raising state awards issue” – Sunther tells Ramasamy


Kuala Lumpur – Sunther Tan Sri S.Subramaniam, a former Central Working Committee member of MIC, has called on Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, Ramasamy, to stick to the political debate on PAS-UMNO alliance in hand and not to divert the issues by raising unrelated matters such Makkal Osai Tamil daily and Penang state awards.

SUNTER 2In a press statement released today Sunther also told Ramasamy that he has high regards for him and respects him and knows his past credentials very well but that doesn’t mean that the Deputy Chief Minister is free to condemn MIC the way he wants.

Below is the full text of Sunther Subramaniam’s press statement:-

“I am appalled that a person of Dr P.Ramasamy’s stature has chosen to be a ‘Dubsmash’ behind some unknowns and can even go to the extent diverting the political debate by hiding behind trivial issues such as state awards and condemning of Tamil daily Makkal Osai.

Stick to current political debate on PAS-UMNO alliance

I would like to remind Ramasamy that the current political debate was initiated by him when he attacked MIC for not opposing the UMNO-PAS alliance. In reply to Ramasamy I raised the following issues which Ramasamy has not answered and completely avoided until today:

  • Why Ramasamy kept quiet and didn’t raise even a whisper when PAS was in alliance with DAP through Pakatan Rakyat for so many years?
  • Why isn’t DAP walking out of their alliance in Selangor despite the presence of PAS in the State government and State EXCO?
  • Why Ramasamy is meddling into other party’s internal affairs and not attending to the woes of Penang Indians and the debacles of Penang Hindu Endowment board?

RAMASAMY-300x221Instead of answering these pertinent questions and about his lackluster performance in Penang in solving problems faced by Indians in the state, why Ramasamy is bringing in Tamil daily Makkal Osai? What does Makkal Osai have to do with PAS-UMNO alliance or Ramasamy’s poor performance as a Deputy Chief Minister?

The Deputy Chief Minister of Penang state has even used one Satees Muniandy to call me a sycophant.

All these desperate attempts only goes to show that they are diverting real political issues having realized that they are now caught in their own political game.

Instead of answering the questions raised on PAS-UMNO alliance Ramasamy has chosen to divert the issue by saying I am upset for not getting the Datukship award. Please don’t divert the issue!

Umno-Pas Logo“I will not seek awards from opposition controlled states”

Let me state categorically that I am not concerned and will not comment on the state awards given out from a state government by the opposition party. I have said this before to my friends and supporters and let me say one more time: “I will also not accept any award recommended by opposition controlled states”.

Ramasamy and his voice-over Sateesh can go and check for themselves that Makkal Osai continued to carry Ramasamy’s news despite the state awards fiasco. He had even called me to seek prominent coverage which I agreed to. Specifically, I can point out the conference which Ramasamy organized recently on the plight of Sri Lankan Refugees, attended by MDMK President Vaiko from Tamil Nadu which was covered in Makkal Osai prominently in one full back page in colour.

Let me assure Ramasamy and his entourage that Makkal Osai will continue to do a balanced reporting on Indian issues whether it comes from opposition or BN.

Makkal Osai-logoAs to Sri Lankan refugees issue let me state categorically that it is not something private and exclusive to Ramasamy alone. Each and every Tamil all over the world share the grief and sorrow of Sri Lankan Tamils and on our part through Makkal Osai we have raised a substantial sum of money and donated it towards the Sri Lankan Tamil relief efforts.

Makkal Osai ahd also organized a fund drive to raise relief funds for the Tsunami affected victims of Sri Lanka several years ago.

“First responsibility is towards Penang Indians”

What we are saying is that Ramasamy’s first responsibility should be towards the Penang Indian community as an elected representative and as the Deputy Chief Minister. These duties for which he is elected and appointed as Deputy Chief Minister should not be ignored or neglected at the expense of some world affairs. The recent events in Penang with regards to Indian community speaks for itself.

As to my position in MIC, let me remind that I was elected as one of the 23 CWC members among a pool of 80 candidates in 2013 and I would continue to serve the community under the MIC and BN banner,as my father, Tan Sri S.Subramaniam did, irrespective of what position I hold in the party.

In conclusion and as to the statement about Ramasamy’s past credentials I am fully aware and still hold high regards and respect for his educational and political stature and value his past contributions but all that do not give him a free ticket to interfere in the internal affairs of MIC and unreasonably attack the stand of MIC, without first making his own stand on the PAS matter.