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Nationwide police reports against Zakir Naik’s speech in Malaysia!


Kuala Lumpur – Several Hindu and Indian organisations have condemned the authorities and organisers for inviting Dr Zaik Naik to deliver talks. There have been frequent allegations that he condemns Hindu religious beliefs and rites.

MIC Youth Chief C.Sivarraajh in a press statement said MIC Youth feels disappointed with the organiser UTEM for inviting Zaik Naik who is known for his hate preaching against Non-Muslims worldwide.

Zakir Naik-posterThe government and Religious Affairs department should count the sensitivity of his topic whereby he is to stage a comparison about ‘Muslim and Hinduism’, Sivarraajh further said.


“Zaik Naik is known for his demeaning tactics to undermine other religions that could spark unrest without weighing the respect and sensitivity of others. He is banned in UK and Canada for spreading teaching that could create violence and terrorism. In view of this matter MIC Youth via its Legal Bureau arm will lodge a nationwide police reports urging the authorities to stop his program immediately” Sivarraajh announced today.

Sivarraajh also said they are also considering to take a court injunction to stop his program with immediate effect.

MIC Youth Section’s another action is to hand over a Memo to Home Minister and the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to act on immediately to stop Dr Zaik’s programs.