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“Indians – will they still trust Hindraf & Waytha?”


sivarajh chandran-mic youth leaderKuala Lumpur – Commenting on the meeting between Tun Mahathir and Hindraf leader Waythamurthy, National MIC Youth leader Dato’ Sivarraajh Chandran (pic) posed a question today – “Will Malaysian Indians still trust Hindraf and its Chairman Waythamurthy?”

In a press statement released today, Sivarraajh said Hindraf leader P Waythamoorthy is a great stuntman who loves to stage political stunts.

“Let’s re-visit his political stunts from the day Hindraf staged a mass rally in November 2007. Then he left abruptly, leaving his other comrades arrested under ISA and trying to champion Malaysian Indian rights from London. Then he returned from London via Singapore as a ‘hero’, as though he orchestrated and championed for the Indian community through Hindraf” Sivarraajh further noted in his statement.

HINDRAFHindraf then broke into pieces, the leaders falling apart including his own elder brother Uthayakumar (pic) who has now turned into a full-time human rights activist brushing aside Hindraf led by his younger brother Waytha,  Sivarraajh pointed out.

“Initially, Waytha’s numerous attempts to join opposition coalition in 2013 failed to materialise. His frustration led him to engage last minute handshake with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak before the 13th General Election. Prime Minister Najib Razak gave Waytha a chance to prove himself and fulfilled his promises by appointing him as a Senator and Deputy Minister. Yet again, Waytha who is still not satisfied, left the government claiming that the Prime Minister did not fulfil his promises by allocating the required funds. Then he started to hit back PM Najib and the government” Siva said.

ZUL_hindraf__c666639_13419_467Waythamurthy signing memorandum of understanding with Barisan Nasional in the presence of Najib…

Sivarraajh in his press statement also noted as follows:

“Now again, Waytha is making another ‘U-Turn’ to join the opposition pact via Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed. He has become a laughing stock now, as he is the one who condemned UMNO policy including Mahathir when he co-founded Hindraf. Today, Waytha has proved that he had a long hidden ambition to be a politician and not a human rights activist. He enticed the Indians to join Hindraf and made use the platform as a launching pad to propel himself as a future politician.”

“After meeting Mahathir yesterday, Waytha claimed that Hindraf can help Pakatan Harapan to win marginal seats by getting the Indian votes.  He added that in remote Malay parliamentary constituencies where Umno candidates had won marginally in the last polls, the number of Indian voters are probably about five to six times more than the majority.”

Mahathir-Waythamoorthy“Let us tell Waytha, stop day dreaming as he will eventually fail to get any Indian support.Indians don’t trust him anymore and they have lost faith in Hindraf. The senior leaders who fought sincerely in Hindraf have left the movement and there is no unity within the human rights NGO which is trying to turn as a political party”

“There are only left overs in Hindraf who have a strong thirst for politics and not human rights. Waytha’s true colours have faded and people have started realizing that Waytha is only going after his own political ambition.  MIC has been working hard since the last election to engage with the Indian community in a better way and to directly address the problems faced by the Indian community.”

“The Malaysian Indian Blue Print (MIB) has given a better engagement and the Indian community is experiencing several drastic changes through various initiatives. Over the years, Hindraf has proven that it is only good at giving statements and condemning others and has failed to deliver anything concrete for the Indian community”

“The Indian community will show Waytha the final exit door at the upcoming GE14”.