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Mitra provides IR4.0 training for benefit of Indian community


PUTRAJAYA — The Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit (Mitra), which is under the Prime Minister’s Department, is actively providing IR4.0-themed training and programmes for the benefit of the Indian community, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department P. Waytha Moorthy.

He said the Indian community in Malaysia should be prepared to accept the future economic transition which emphasised  technology adaptation, automation and knowledge economy (k-economy).

“These initiatives will contribute to the country’s economic growth, which will directly foster unity through shared prosperity,” he said in a statement today following his meeting with the Indian community in Chaah, Johor on Aug 21.


Waytha Moorthy said economic stability was a key contributor to the strengthening of unity.

In recognising this, he said, the government was striving to make Malaysia a country that “continues to develop in a sustainable manner with a fair and inclusive economic distribution at every level of the value chain, class, race and geography” in order to promote harmony and stability among the people.