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Resolution on receiving posts can only be overturned at EGM or AGN -DR Chua


ALOR SETAR, June 8- MCA’s resolution not to accept any posts in the government will be nullified the party’s delegates move a new motion to rescind it through an extraordinary general meeting (EGM), said its president Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek  .

However, he said the EGM could only be carried out if it received the support of at least one third of the central delegates, namely, 800 of the 2,400 central delegates.

MCAIf the EGM did not materialise, any motion on the matter could only be made at the party’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the end of this year, he said .


“We have to wait for the resolution to be rejected at the AGM. Party resolutions cannot be cancelled as one pleases,” he said when met by reporters at a dinner at hotel, here, today

Chua Soi LekThe resolution not to accept government posts if the party fared badly in the 13th General Election, which was held on May 5, was made at MCA’s AGM two years ago.

 MCA fared rather badly in GE13.

On the rather long period of time without MCA representatives as Kedah state executive councillors (excos), he said it was actually not too long to wait until the end of the year for the AGM to be held.

He said he thanked Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir for wanting to give an exco post to an MCA state assemblyman but the party stood by its stand not to accept any post.

Asked what if the Menteri Besar appointed an MCA assemblyman as an exco, he said: “If it happens, then you (reporter) get back to me”.