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PKR: Liow out to sabotage second post-mortem


Feb 7- PKR has lambasted Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai, claiming it is trying to sabotage the second post-mortem on C Sugumar, who was allegedly beaten to death by police late last month.

In a statement today, PKR vice-president N Surendran said that University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) has refused to carry out the post-mortem without written instruction from the police.

Earlier, the police have said they have no objection to the second autopsy, however, refused to give written instruction to the hospital.


images (6)“Liow (left), as a representative of the cabinet and government, is putting further obstacles to the second autopsy by insisting that the approval must come from the police.

“This is shocking, disappointing and blatant sabotage of attempts to get the second autopsy done,” Surendran said.

According to the English daily The Star, Liow said the ministry could only act as facilitator and has no power to approve the post-mortem.

Refuting Liow’s statement, Surendran (right) said that the Health Ministry has the authority to instruct government-owned hospitals to do the post-mortem.

e940a50d7f4f02df2693ac623d84b36e“There is no legal requirement that there must be a police instruction (given) to the hospital before a second autopsy can be done. Why is the hospital (UMMC) insisting on it?” he queried.

“This prevents us from making the necessary arrangements for Porntip to come to Malaysia and carry out the second autopsy.”

Although the ministry agreed yesterday to assist in bringing Thai prominent pathologist Dr Porntip Rajanasunand to conduct the autopsy, Surendran still had doubts following this new development.

As such, he urged the prime minister and the ministry to remove any obstacles which would prevent the autopsy from being carried out by Porntip.

Police: Family can choose hospital, not pathologist

Meanwhile, the police issued a statement later today shedding light on the procedures to have a second autopsy.

It said that according to the attorney-general’s chamber, the family of the deceased have to submit their application for a second autopsy to the High Court and bear all its cost.

The family can select the government hospital where the it will be carried out, but not the pathologist.

“The investigating officer have to ensure that the descendant of the deceased signs a indemnity letter that the government will not be responsible towards any liability that may occur as a result of the second autopsy,” the statement added.