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“Zakir Naik – an avoidable distraction” – Subra


subramaniam-drKuala Lumpur – “Malaysia’s Islamic foundation or it’s multi  religious national texture is certainly not going to be  nourished by Zakir Naik’s preachings. In the contrary it  would only be inciting  divisive forces to distort the unifying tenets  of Islam as currently practiced in the country” Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam said in a press statement released late night today.

“As a nation, Malaysia is well acknowledged among brother Islamic countries as a progressive nation with strong  Islamic value systems embedded  within its national character. We, as a nation  do not need Zakir Naik when our own Islamic scholars are far more adaptive and competent in advocating the Islamic faith to Malaysians befitting our own national heritage and rich and pluralistic history” further noted Dr Subramaniam, who is also the MIC President and Health Minister.

Dr Subra’s statement is seen as a response to Perkasa Chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali, who defended special treatment accorded to Zakir Naik by the Malaysian government. Ibrahim Ali also warned MIC, Hindraf and other Indian based organisations not to meddle in Malaysian government’s Islamic affairs, as reported by Malay Mail Online.

“It is known that the Zakir Naik owned a provocative evangelist TV channel which has been banned in Bangladesh,Canada and in the UK. When a large Muslim country like Bangladesh has taken action against Zakir Naik, we in Malaysia should never allow a proven provocateur to remain in our midst advocating his nefarious and divisive form of  Islamic worldview” stressed Subra in his statement.

Subra also warned: “Given the space Zakir Naik would also  infiltrate into our national space to disrupt national harmony which could lead to undesirable actions of grave consequence to national peace and stability”

Subra also reiterated his stand that ‘Zakir Naik should not be allowed to  use his questionable religious credentials to solicit support from Malaysia to be shielded from possible prosecution in India’.