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Ameer rakes up Vishwaroopam controversy again


March 9, 2013-Controversies surrounding Vishwaroopam refuse to die as director Ameer Sultan has now expressed his unhappiness over the film. The filmmaker, who was at the receiving end after saying that Censor Board members function like a mafia gang, has raised objection over some parts of the film and has blamed associations for not picking up the issue in a proper way.

Ameer Sultan, in an interview, has said that Vishwaroopam shows loyalist Taliban flag-wavers as being cruel and inhumane but they are helpless citizens fighting for the right of their own country. He adds, “This is condemnable. The associations and parties here did not debate the issue, despite the dire need for one.

08-1362720717-ameer-vish-01” What’s surprising is that Ameer has drawn comparison between Taliban and Eelam. He claims, “Just like how Prabhakaran and his associates fought for their Eelam rights, the Taliban fight for their country.”