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Launch of MITRA’s online portal & Grant Management System 2019 for the Malaysian Indian Community


PUTRAJAYA – The Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit (MITRA), of the Prime Minister’s Department has officially unveiled its new online portal – a one-stop webpage where information regarding capacity building programmes and initiatives can be obtained by Malaysian Indians and the general public.

MITRA, previously known as the Socio-economic development of the Indian community Unit (SEDIC), launched the portal as an extension of its rebranding effort to provide access to the latest information in mainstream benefits for the Malaysian Indian community.

The site provides the organisational structure of MITRA that functions through six core pillars namely Policy & Planning, Social Well-being, Education & Training, Special Projects, Identity & Inclusiveness and Economy & Career.


Mr. S. Letchumanan Shanmugam (pic), Director General of MITRA said that the online portal is a dynamic and active online source of information that serves the role in effectively communicating suggestions, recommendations and advice on what Malaysian Indians can do to achieve access to opportunities.

MITRA is also proud to introduce the Grant Management System 2019 (GMS 2019), jointly developed by the Asia Pacific University as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which is an online grant application system where Malaysian legal entities are able to propose an innovative and creative socio-economic programme to uplift Indian community particularly those belonging in the B40 socioeconomic stratum.

Mr. Letchumanan said that the GMS 2019 is user-friendly, integrated and a transparent system. The application process is made simple but at the same time it places much importance on credibility, credentials and accountability of applicants.

“With the GMS 2019 project, MITRA is looking forward to receiving unique proposals from various stakeholders on what can be done to curb and overcome social and economic challenges that are plaguing the community and to ensure their optimal inclusiveness into Malaysian civil society,” he said.

The application for the GMS 2019 commence on January 28, 2019 (9.00am). Prospective applicants may read the application procedures, requirements and terms and conditions of the GMS 2019 from the newly launched website at www.mitra.gov.my .

For more information on the online portal and the GMS 2019, please contact MITRA’s office at 03-8886 6262 / 03-8886 6322

For media enquiries, please contact Mr. Genggeswaran / Mr. C. Karunaagaran at genggeswaran@jpm.gov.my / ktk_karunaagaran@jpg.gov.my

About Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit (MITRA)

MITRA is a unit under the Prime Minister’s Department that is devoted to socio-economic development of the Malaysian Indian community.

Its mission is to empower Malaysian Indians towards a sustainably developed community through education, economy, social well-being and human excellence.

MITRA places emphasis on having a cordial alliance in the community with special focus on the Malaysian Indian B40 community. Through programmes and initiatives planned under the six core pillars, MITRA envisions a holistic transformation of the Malaysian Indians for an inclusive and resilient community.