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“Water is the right to life” – Ramasamy



I agree, how can you have a non-combative approach with the Kedah MB Muhammed Sanusi Md Nor for threatening to cut off water supply to Penang or even on the uncalled for demolition of Hindu temples.

The place called Kedah existed from time immemorial; long before the country was named as Malaysia, the state as Kedah and the river as Sungei Muda.


There are international laws and treaties that respect the rights of states or countries to draw upon water from rivers having their origins in the mountains before they pass through several countries or states within a country before the water is emptied in the sea or ocean.

The concept of Riparian Rights best illustrate the rights of countries or states within to draw upon water as an inalienable right.

Right to water is the right to life.

Maybe the country or states where the Sungei Muda originates even might have a claim on Kedah, Penang and other states where the river passes through. To use the primitive logic of the Kedah menteri Besar, Muhammed Sanusi Md Nor.

We can’t take Sanusi seriously anymore if he can go the extent of labelling Indian leaders in MIC and DAP for being drunk on the popularity of toddy.

Neither can we take him seriously when he could goes to the extent, joke or no, of threatening to cut off water supply to Penang by asking villagers to place sandbags to interrupt the water flow.

Such is the character and calibre of Sanusi who assumed the post after the backdoor putsch early this year.

He is such a disgrace to his party, PAS, a religious party, but condones corruption and misdoings of those in power.

Given the ludicrousness of Sanusi, he is yet to be reprimanded by PAS’ top leadership.
Sanusi’s hallucinations know no bounds.

For him the dream of making trillions from the exploitation of rare earth elements (REE) but later rectified as billions has clouded his thinking.

Perhaps it might be possible that he might have suspected REE hidden sources underneath the two temples that were demolished!

By using some crude explanations he sought to justify how Kedah could become super rich with gift endowed by god.

The trillions or billions to be made from REE dangling before his eyes, Sanusi thinks he is untouchable.

I wonder what difference the RM50 million he demands from Penang yearly would make any difference to the overfilled state coffers from the revenue derived from REE.