Home English News “Where are the COVID-19 vaccines bought by Federal Government?” – Ganabatirau questions

“Where are the COVID-19 vaccines bought by Federal Government?” – Ganabatirau questions



Recently I got the news that few ministries want to buy vaccines for their clients or stakeholders using Ministry’s allocation. The federal government too allowed state governments to purchase vaccines. Employers also could buy vaccines from registered PRH to vaccinate their workers.

My question is, if everyone allows to buy vaccines, what happen to the vaccines bought by YB Khairy under PICK?

It was announced that we have purchased vaccines for 130% of targeted population, more than what it should be. This means, vaccines bought for PICK is more than enough to cover the targeted population of Malaysia including taxi/grab drivers, factory workers, private concessionaires as well as foreign workers.


RM5 billion plus another RM5 billion spent to buy vaccines but now everyone wants to buy on their own. On top of that China, US, Japan, UK donating vaccines too.

So, where all these vaccines are being used? If ministries are allowed to purchase vaccines, I think the federal government SHOULDN’T HAVE bought vaccines in a large quantity. Since beginning, YB Khairy said everyone will be vaccinated under PICK.

Now, this has changed and current mode is ‘vaccines are open for sale’. State governments who wants to buy vaccines must purchase from federal government. Private sectors can buy vaccines from PRH. Why can’t you allow states to buy directly from manufacturers or from PRH? The arrangements are puzzling me and the PN government is making mockery of the system.

I urge the MPs to question the arrangements of vaccine purchasing by government agencies and private sector in the upcoming Parliament session.

As an ADUN I can only voice out through my writings as these are issues to be asked in the Parliament to allow the respective ministers to answer it. I also requesting authorities to investigate the purpose of buying vaccines in large quantities for PICK but at the same time ministries and agencies are allowed to buy vaccines on their own.

It is a waste of money and each ringgit spent for vaccines need to be explained to the people in detail. If there are elements of corruption, do not hesitate to take appropriate actions against everyone including the ministers.