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“Why you took photo at the home of MACC suspect?” – Vel Paari questions Guan Eng


Kuala Lumpur – MIC Treasurer General Datuk Seri S.Vel Paari has challenged Penang Chief Minister and DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng to tell the rakyat when and why his photo was taken at the home of a MACC suspect.

The following is the full text of Vel Paari’s press statement released yesterday:-

1. The suspect who received RM19mil from the Penang Tunnel company in a failed attempt to stop the authorities from investigating corruption in the RM20.5 billion impact Penang Tunnel project is well known to the Malaysian Indian community.


2. That suspect is involved in a case where many Malaysian Indians were cheated out of their hard earned money and savings, where Dato Ramanan and I had personally exposed him less than two years ago. (Venus FX Forex Scam)

3. As such, many individuals who are familiar with the suspect have told me that the photo of Penang Chief Minister with the suspect was indeed taken in the lavish private home of the suspect.

4. DAP and the Penang CM has a duty to the Malaysian Indian community to explain what is DAP and the CM’s relationship with this suspect, who had betrayed the trust and cheated the people of our community.

5. DAP and the CM must tell us when and why he visited the suspect’s house. What dealings or businesses does he have with this MACC suspect.

6. If the photo was indeed not from the suspect’s house of which I am certain it was, the Penang CM and DAP is more than welcome to sue me.