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Use of face mask, body temperature scanning among SOP when Court reopens


PUTRAJAYA — The Malaysian Judiciary will enforce strict health and safety standard operating procedures (SOP) and guidelines, including making compulsory the wearing of face mask at all times at court buildings and taking of body temperature before entering the premises, when open court hearings resume in stages beginning this Wednesday (May 13).

According to a statement issued by the Chief Registrar Office of the Federal Court today, only individuals with a body temperature of 38 degrees Celsius and below will be allowed to enter the court premises.

This is in line with the precautionary measures implemented by the government to contain the spread of COVID-19, it said, adding that those who are not well should not attend court.


The court would also not provide face masks to persons attending courts.

It said there will also be limited seating and space in court and all parties are required to sit within the borders marked on the seats to maintain social distancing.

Individuals attending court are also required to download and complete a court visitor form from the judiciary’s official website for social tracing purposes. The visitor forms are also available at the court premises.

The statement also stated that every court throughout Malaysia would have only one entry point to the respective premises and  only those who have business with the court would be allowed to enter the premises.

All persons all also required to conduct their business at the designated counter or court without delay.

In criminal cases, only one family member will be allowed to enter the court premises and only one client per party would be allowed to be in the court building during hearing of their case.

Witnesses or parties to a proceeding would only be allowed into the court premises 30 minutes before the hearing of their case begins and they are required to liaise with the police or lawyers prior to their case for court attendance and other matters in the court premises.

All persons are required to leave the court premises as soon as their matter is completed.

The judiciary also seeks the cooperation of all parties to maintain the cleanliness of the court premises.

“All persons are also requested to comply with all directions relating to COVID- 19 issued by the Health Ministry of Malaysia (MOH) from time to time,” the statement said.

For further information on the judiciary’s SOP, individuals can visit the judiciary’s official website at www.kehakiman.gov.my.