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“Anwar does not need nepotistic ties to remain relevant” – Ramasamy slams Mukhriz



Anwar does not need nepotistic ties to remain relevant
Mukhriz Mahathir who could not even complete the two full terms as the former Menteri Besar of Kedah is hardly in a position to make disparaging comments about PKR president Anwar Ibrahim.

While ultimately Malaysians will judge as to the suitability of Anwar as the next prime minister, it is not for Mukhriz to say that Anwar is not appropriate for the post of prime minister of the country.


Anwar would have been the prime minister along time ago when he was deputy to the former prime minister Mahathir Mohammed, the father of Mukhriz.

It was Mahathir who spoiled his chances by imprisoning him for some trumped up charges.

Much later, Anwar was the PH’s natural choice of prime minister after it won national power in 2018, but unfortunately Anwar was in prison.

Mahathir was made the interim prime minister until such time that Anwar was pardoned to return to active politics. Mahathir should have made way for Anwar to succeed him.

But this was not what happened, in fact Mahathir hijacked the post, refusing to give it up to Anwar.

Whose fault was this, is Anwar to be blamed for this?
Or the PH leadership?

Was it Anwar’s fault that the infamous “Sheraton Move” resulted in the backdoor government of Muhyiddin Yassin, the former prime minister, the architect of the arrest and detention of those who were allegedly linked to the defunct LTTE.

Why did Mahathir refused to abide by the agreement with the PH coalition in vacating the prime minister’s post to Anwar?

Did Mahathir create the preconditions for the ouster of the PH government?

Whatever Mukhriz might say about Anwar, the fact remains that he would have been the prime minister if his father had honoured the agreement with the PH coalition.

It was Mahathir, only Mahathir, who betrayed the promise in handing over the post to Anwar.

Maybe Mukhriz would want to examine and digest a bit of history before joining others in saying that Anwar might not be appropriate as the prime minister.

Is he suggesting that his father should be given another chance to go at the post?

Anwar would have been the prime minister had Mahathir kept his word.

Mukhriz is the last person who should be talking about whether or not Anwar is a suitable person to become the prime minister.

I am not sure whether he is deluded into thinking that that somebody else might stand a chance to become the prime minister for third time.

Anwar might have lost his opportunity in the past, but he still stands a chance to be come the prime minister the future provided PH gains political ascendancy in the next general elections.

It is not going to be easy, but then politics is art of the possible.
There might be calls for resignation of Anwar and other PH leaders from some quarters, something to be expected.

Without Anwar the opposition could not have arisen to the present level and strength.

Anwar might have his detractors, but he unlike Mukhriz does not need nepotistic ties to be relevant in Malaysian politics.

PKR has over 30 members of parliament, but Pejuang has four.
In comparison with PKR, Pejuang is a mosquito party.

In a tropical country like Malaysia, mosquito bites are common.
In this respect, Mukhriz diatribe is another mosquito bite against Anwar.